A Philosophy to Live By

David Holmgren’s underlying permaculture / philosophy ‘ code to live by’: summarised by David Macleod most recently in ‘Oil vs Money – Battle for Control of the World’ (2009)

  • reduce, reuse, recycle (in that order)
  • grow a garden and eat what it produces
  • avoid imported resources where possible
  • use labour and skill in preference to materials and technology
  • design, build and purchase for durability and repairability
  • use resources for their greatest potential use (eg electricity for tools and lighting, food scraps for animal feed)
  • use renewable resources wherever possible even if local environmental costs appear higher (eg wood rather than electricity for fuel and timber rather than steel for production)
  • use non-renewable and embodied energies primarily to establish sustainable systems (eg passive solar housing, food gardens, water storage, forests)
  • when using high technology (eg computers) avoid using state of the art equipment
  • avoid debt and long-distance commuting
  • reduce taxation by earning less
  • develop a home-based lifestyle, be domestically responsible

simonthescribe writes and publishes articles, books and websites themed around living a sustainable life in tune with nature.