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Permaculture and Bill Gates

Permaculture and Bill Gates I recently read ‘How Soon is Now’ by Daniel Pinchbeck, a true thinker who eschews traditional narratives []. In this book he explains that “The fastest way for change to occur would be for the wealthy

New Rules

Imagine my delight when I heard that a musician called ‘Dua Lipa’ had a top-selling chart hit called ‘New Rules’. At last, I thought the young generation are taking their eyes off their mobile phones for a moment. They are

Levels of denial

There are different forms of denial that prevent people from recognising the negative effects of our stories in the Western world, such as the myth of ‘Economic Growth’. Some of these are: I don’t think that these effects are really

What is this site about?

As far as I can, I have opted out of a system – ‘the machine’ – a leviathan that trundles us all towards slavery, environmental degradation and social breakdown. I will simply not be a part of it. I do

In Support of Anarchy

I was talking with an elderly lady recently and I said “I think there should be more anarchy in this country”. She replied “That’s a bad thing isn’t it?” “What do you think it is?” I asked. “I don’t know,

Mass-media wants you powerless

‘Doomsday clock for global market crash strikes one minute to midnight as central banks lose control‘ – Telegraph. ‘Earth Is Now ‘In The Red’ – We Used Up This Year’s Resources Yesterday‘ – Yahoo News. ‘Human Beings ‘Could Die Out’

A Philosophy to Live By

David Holmgren’s underlying permaculture / philosophy ‘ code to live by’: summarised by David Macleod most recently in ‘Oil vs Money – Battle for Control of the World’ (2009) reduce, reuse, recycle (in that order) grow a garden and eat

Revolution or Evolution?

Not enough people are going to change their ways in time to avert environmental disaster of catastrophic proportions. According to Thomas Berry, “the glory of the human has become the devastation of the earth.” The values of humankind are incompatible

The Evolution of Revolution

In the 1960’s the mantra was ‘Turn on, Tune in, Drop Out’ a counterculture phrase popularized by Timothy Leary in 1967. The post-war baby boomers discovered pot and acid and embraced cultural change through detaching from prevalent conventions and hierarchies

“Dare to be naïve” – Buckminster Fuller Talk

This text was presented as a talk at the Sunrise Offgrid Festival August 2012: I offered to give a talk on Buckminster Fuller after Dan, an organiser for the festival, made an invitation on Facebook. Buckminster Fuller has certainly had

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Why I dislike the Olympics

What a great excuse for a celebration. Every team in the Olympics has a women team member, a mere 84 years after the Representation of the People Act of 1928 gave women over the age of 21 the vote in

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Deep Ecology and Sadness

The other day I met someone who thought that all environmentalists are sad. They thought that people who want change can never feel ‘complete’ or ‘happy’ because ‘I can’t be happy until …’ – such and such happens – insert

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News Values in mainstream media

‘News values’ make up the criteria that decides the ‘news’ we see in mainstream media. It is very much a part of our Western Democratic way. Our cultural norms have dictated the view of the world we expect and this

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Permaculture Andorra

In January this year (2011), I got a bout of sciatica as a result of lifting weights that I shouldn’t have been. It knocked me off my feet for a month and I still had dizzy spells in March from

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The End of Economics?

There is a morbid fascination in watching the collapse of ‘the economy’ going on around us. The old guard cling even more tightly to their fictions of ‘growth at any cost’ and those deeply embedded in the world of money

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Living without Money

More people are exploring the potential of living without money as they realise that it is the systems surrounding money itself that may be at the root of many problems in our culture. From the ‘60’s ‘turn on, tune, in

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A truth about being Green

When you look around, it seems that ‘green’ is just another colour of consumer capitalism. Often it is the more expensive option in a choice to buy goods. Somewhere along the line corporate consumerism has already hi-jacked many of the

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Green Hedonism

In reality I view my values as a green person as relatively meaningless in the scheme of things. I know that at a global level for everyone of me, a person who makes careful choices about what they consume and

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12 Ways to Transcend a stressful lifestyle

I want to make some positive suggestions on how to transcend and alleviate the stress of cultural self destruct by enjoying the moment. There are probably infinite ways to transcend a stressful lifestyle but here are some suggestions that I

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