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Hemp Balls

With 60% of our wildlife in the UK destroyed since the 1970’s it is important to take action in the countryside. The planet is in ecological crisis, we are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction event this planet

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Tin Can Heater

Once I found out that owning a dog is the carbon count equivalent to taking an aeroplane flight every year, I resolved to think what I could do to up-cycle my tin cans, rather than just recycle. So I started

Seedbomb Christmas

When it came to making Christmas presents this year with the resources I had on hand – I found I had the stuff to make and package some rather nice Seed Bombs. Here they are drying out for packaging as

My loom knitting

I just wanted to keep a record of my loom knitting projects here. I took up knitting in December 2013, on discovering looms and proceeded to make some useful, some stupid and some amazing bits of knitting with the various

Free Energy from Scrap

It always amazes me how much free energy is around if you can access it, especially when the predominant ideology seems about scarcity and expense. Cornwall, where I live, is particularly well-endowed with wind, which many people are rushing to

This Product Kills Bees

Free ‘This Product Kills Bees’ Stickers With the long, cold winter in the UK this year, on top of a summer last year which was pretty hard on wildlife, bees are having a difficult time and populations are dropping severely.

Make a Bee Hotel from Rubbish

Inspired by a talk from Brigit Strawbridge I decided to make bee hotels for the garden. We already have a couple of ceramic ones which we were given for Christmas two years ago. I thought I might make some as

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Cooking Fires

I enjoy experimenting with different types of camp and cooking fires. When I make a bonfire in the garden after it has destroyed my garden rubbish that isn’t compostable, I will often use it to cook or host a gathering

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Make a Kayapo Headress

I am right miffed at the way that the exigencies of ‘economy’ continue to treat the indigenous peoples of this planet. The Masai in Africa, a spectacularly beautiful people who are being driven off their ancestral lands to benefit game

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The Solar Powered Tent

I had thought about going to the Sunrise Offgrid festival for three years and this year was the one I finally picked up my bed and walked, using public transport to get from North-Cornwall to North-Somerset. Actually, I was amazed

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Keeping Blackbirds off your Strawberries

How to keep blackbirds off strawberries Come the start of summer there is no higher reward for the hard-working gardener than plates of fresh strawberries from the garden. [Fun with strawberries here ]However it isn’t always straightforward as, in additions

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Watercolour Salt Wash

Watercolour salt wash I want to demonstrate a watercolour technique which combines science, art and nature, repeating themes of these pages at This is the effect of salt on a watercolour wash. This effect creates a stunning texture which

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Tyndall Flowers

There is not much about Tyndall Flowers on the Internet but its one of those things that just caught my attention. Firstly it sounds like somebody’s name: Tyndall Flowers, Private Detective: I can imagine that on a door somewhere. Then

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DIY Greenhouse Growdome

Ever since I learned about Buckminster Fuller at art college, I have wanted to experiment with making human-scale geodesics. So, as part of a new project – a book on DIY greenhouses on a budget, I constructed a surprisingly large

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Make a Rocket Stove

It took me about 30 minutes to make this rocket stove from materials lying around the place. These were: An old chimney pot I had been using to bring on the rhubarb Some chimney liner left over from putting in

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