Do We Live in an Energy Dimension?

Do we live in an energy dimension?

As long ago as 1928 Edgar Cayce postulated that:

“The human body is made up of electronic vibrations, with each atom and elements of the body, each organ and organism, having its electronic unit of vibration necessary for the sustenance of, and equilibrium in that particular organism.”

Edgar Cayce (1928) from There is a River by Thomas Sugrue.

Experiments in high-energy particle physics and the fields of quantum physics show us that nearly all matter is energy. In some sense we are made from ‘frozen light’. As beings of energy we are influenced by all sort of vibration. This may be ancient knowledge but in today’s material world it seems lost or at least, hidden.

Soap Bubble Sky from Wikimedia Commons
Soap Bubble Sky

One early experimenter in the field of energy was called Royal Rife. In 1934 he used the Rife Beam Ray in an experiment on 16 terminal cancer patients. They were exposed to the resonance for three minutes a day. 3 months later 14 of the 16 patients were pronounced cured by a staff of 5 medical doctors. This research was suppressed by medical authorities.

He had designed a high-resolution microscope capable of magnifying viruses, bacteria and cells up to 30,000 times. He was interested in how specific frequencies of electromagnetic energy influenced specific bacteria. He worked out the ‘Mortal Oscillation Rate’ (M.O.R.) of several types of bacteria. When he zapped them with the right vibratory resonance, they died on the spot.

Rife used his microscope to observe the living activities of micro-organisms, (unlike medical research which often uses dead cells or micro-organisms). His theories of cancer causation were, and still are, controversial to orthodox medicine. He gave cancer a viral etiology by attributing its cause to a micro-organism known as ‘B.X.’, which he isolated from cancer tissues. Through further research he discovered the ‘fatal resonance frequency’ of B.X. and experimented on animals with induced tumours.

A special laboratory built to study these discoveries burned to the ground. Rife was dragged through the American courts on trumped-up charges for the rest of his life.

These days the use of EMF therapies is heavily legislated, even for use on animals. It is almost impossible for individuals to legally experiment with electro-magnetics or the field of radionics in relation to illness.

Jumping forwards to the 1960’s, we have a good example of feeling or sensing energy or electric fields from the war in Vietnam.

“…the American military was in search for talented, young men—trackers—that could navigate their way in stealth across the enemy terrain. Special Forces in the war department sent undercover experts to comb American Indian Reservations where they found countless brave young men who were more than adequate for the task.

Upon recruiting them, they carefully catalogued their abilities and talent’s and rapidly discovered that they were perfectly suited for the task. Soon after the young men were recruited/enlisted, and after going through the countless rituals of joining the army, the skills and talents which were ever-present seemed to vanish. Confused the army started searching for answers and turned to some of the Native American elders who without hesitating answered how when their young men received the mandatory haircut after joining the military, they could no longer ‘sense’ the way they did before. Their almost supernatural abilities—their intuition—disappeared.

After more recruits were gathered from Native American tribes, they decided to perform tests and see what was going on, and whether ‘the length of hair’ had anything to do with their abilities.

After recruits were gathered, they let them keep their long hair and submitted them to tests in countless areas. After several tests where trackers’ with long hair competed against others with short hair, experts found how trackers with longer hair had access to something like a ‘sixth sense’ with an intuition much more reliable when compared to men with short hair”.

Our five normal senses are quite limited in the amount that they can perceive. We can see less than 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum and hear less than 1% of the acoustic spectrum.

The electromagnetic spectrum is a ‘map’ of all the types of light that we can identify. It separates all the types of light by wavelength because that directly relates to how energetic the wave is. More energetic waves have shorter wavelengths while less energetic waves have longer wavelengths. Not all light is in the visible spectrum; the light you can see. There are many kinds of electromagnetic waves that you can’t see. The human eye is not capable of seeing radiation with wavelengths outside the visible spectrum. To see this type of radiation, we need different detectors to be able to render the radiation to our senses. X-ray machines, radios, mobile phones, and your television are all types of light detectors that interpret this information for you.

With our modern electro-pollution in terms of mobile phone signals, wi-fi, all sorts of wavelength interference, many of us have completely lost access to electro-sensitivities. Wild animals still retain it and for them it is still a primary sense. Hunters and wildlife photographers will often purchase EMF blocking garments that allow them closer access to their prey. This is because in the ‘moment of excitement’ that comes before a kill (or perfect photo) creates a burst of EMF that the animal can perceive and they run away.

Many humans lucky enough to have their basic needs fulfilled are undergoing a philosophical shift which understands that consciousness, not matter, is the core component of our interconnected reality.

Given that science seems to lead how humanity views the world, it should provide an unbiased and progressive description of our reality. Science though has been hijacked by a false philosophy of reality called materialism, so it has not ethically done its job of bringing spiritual truth into the mainstream mindset. Our culture is in a difficult place where many people are not as interested in ‘truth’ as much as having their own version of it validated by others. People just tend to reference the science they prefer rather than looking at anything new that might challenge the way they think.

Indigenous cultures and traditions have known about consciousness for centuries; however for the first time in our known history a new awareness is being embraced on a planetary scale. Hopefully it will reach a tipping point before the forces of ‘capitalist extractivism’ destroy all of the indigenous peoples, and their ancestral wisdom, in land grabbing for their resources.

Quantum physics, psychology and parapsychology have conclusively shown why we need to move to a post-materialist era of human consciousness. Scientists and laymen alike are awakening to this fact through not just the art of science, but also the art of experience. Simply, with the right type of perspective, we can open our minds and hearts to the symbolism that exists in our day-to-day experience, as well as the subtle and explicit synchronicities that occur throughout our lives.

Quantum science shows us that the atoms in our bodies are 99.999% empty space and are none of the ones we are born with, but they have all originated in a star. We are not nearly as solid as we think! Any interaction between our selves and our environment is an interaction between ‘fields of force’ or ‘matrices of energy’. We are essentially beings made of energy.

Scientists have begun to start figuring out what is really going on inside the cells of our bodies when we sense electrical fields. Qigong, Reiki, chi and a multitude of other healing and spiritual practices are heavily based on being able to feel the energy that is flowing through all living things.

All living cells tend to have electrical fields along with a great many different animals are able to react and sense electrical fields. Some types of human cells will have been seen to move in response to an electric field during wound healing.

All of these led to a team of researchers to start wondering what was really going on inside of our cells that detect these energy fields. At the UC Davis Institute for Regenerative Cures, Min Zhao, had been leading a team of researchers in attempting to discover the first ‘sensor mechanism’ that resides in living cells that can detect electric fields. We all have ‘electric senses’.

There are more senses that reside in the human body than the traditional five. People are discovering an entirely new set of electric senses that may lead to an explanation of why some people are able to feel the flow of energy in other living things. Min Zhao stated that,

We believe there are several types of sensing mechanisms, and none of them are known. We now provide experimental evidence to suggest one which has not been even hypothesized before, a two-molecule sensing mechanism.”

Other researchers including Zhao have been studying the different electric senses within animals in order to help pinpoint what causes us to react when we come into contact with any other energy field. They have been focusing their research on both small and large animals. The small animals cells are amoebas and the large animals cells they studied are human. They have already found out that there are specific proteins and genes that will move in a certain directions when exposed to an electric field.

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