Make a Rocket Stove

It took me about 30 minutes to make this rocket stove from materials lying around the place. These were:

  • An old chimney pot I had been using to bring on the rhubarb
  • Some chimney liner left over from putting in the wood burning stove
  • 3 breeze blocks
  • a few bricks for the base
  • a bit of sand

The rocket stove is built on gravel so I dug down a bit to get a firm footing for the breeze blocks. I placed these in a upside-down U shape with the opening at the front, just wide enough for the chimney to sit on firmly. I lined the base of the fire pit out with some old bricks and put in sand to fill in the gaps.

I lined the chimney with the liner and cut and folded it at the top, just level with the top of the chimney. The liner extends into the firepit with a square cut out for the fire. Please be very careful cutting chimney liner it has some very sharp edges. You will probably need some metal cutting shears.

All set to go. Build a small fire in the base of the rocket stove and drop wood in from the top, making sure you don’t catch fire to your hair. Let the fire get going a bit and then place your boiling pot on the top, with an air gap to get the flow through. I just used a bent bit of metal rod which the pan sits on, on top of the chimney. Although this sticks to the pan when you take it off, it’s easy enough to put back on with a stick.

I find it takes me 2 fillings of wood to boil a washing up bowl of water and it doesn’t take any longer than the cooker once the fire is going properly. Now the wood burning stove is off a rocket stove is an ideal way to get free hot water for the summer and use up bits of wood that are too small for the wood burning stove.

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