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When it came to making Christmas presents this year with the resources I had on hand – I found I had the stuff to make and package some rather nice Seed Bombs. Here they are drying out for packaging as I write this blog entry.

seed bombs

I had some old Raku clay which had been sitting around in a bucket, and mixed it half and half with some compost, liberated from the tomato plants that had ended. I also added some wood ash from the woodburner and some sawdust to bulk it up a bit, and also to help the bombs break down once they got wet again in the spring.

Once I was happy with the consistency I divided the pile of mix into four. To each quarter of the mix I added a generous portion of single seed from the garden and just enough water (with food colourant) to make it maleable. Then I set about mashing the mix up to make the clay element ‘plastique’ enough to hand roll the balls. I set them by the fire in the evening and re-rolled each one to make them smoother, marking each ball according to its contents.

It is important to dry the balls quickly without overheating, so as not to roast the seed or leave it damp for so long it germinates. After four evenings by the fire I thought that these seedbombs were dry enough to package for christmas presents. I had a load of old postage tubes left over from an earlier project and cut these in half to take eight bombs in each, two of each seed variety, then dreamed up a nice bit of labelling for the tubes:

seed bomb text

I lined the tubes with some plastic bags from the kitchen that didn’t seem to fit anything, and wedged the bag into the base. Then I dropped 8 seedbombs into each and closed the tops of the bags with a bit of garden wire. I will probably steal some wrapping paper from Sarah as she always buys far too much!

anarchists seedbombs

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