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Make a Bee Hotel from Rubbish

Inspired by a talk from Brigit Strawbridge I decided to make bee hotels for the garden. We already have a couple of ceramic ones which we were given for Christmas two years ago. I thought I might make some as

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Make a Kayapo Headress

I am right miffed at the way that the exigencies of ‘economy’ continue to treat the indigenous peoples of this planet. The Masai in Africa, a spectacularly beautiful people who are being driven off their ancestral lands to benefit game

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The Solar Powered Tent

I had thought about going to the Sunrise Offgrid festival for three years and this year was the one I finally picked up my bed and walked, using public transport to get from North-Cornwall to North-Somerset. Actually, I was amazed

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How to make Dandelion Coffee

How to make Dandelion Coffee Dandelion is such a useful plant. This year I have made a delicious wine from the flowers and eaten the leaves in salads, firstly blanching them under pots. I noticed that there were some extremely

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DIY Greenhouse Growdome

Ever since I learned about Buckminster Fuller at art college, I have wanted to experiment with making human-scale geodesics. So, as part of a new project – a book on DIY greenhouses on a budget, I constructed a surprisingly large

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Make a Rocket Stove

It took me about 30 minutes to make this rocket stove from materials lying around the place. These were: An old chimney pot I had been using to bring on the rhubarb Some chimney liner left over from putting in

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