The End of Economics?

There is a morbid fascination in watching the collapse of ‘the economy’ going on around us. The old guard cling even more tightly to their fictions of ‘growth at any cost’ and those deeply embedded in the world of money are freely offering themselves for even higher rates of tax to keep the stinking ship afloat.

The mouthpieces of the system – our media – continue to impose the status quo, and tell us that the system we have is the only way to do things and we must soldier on. But it becomes clearer that global financial collapse and the end of economics as a motivating mythology is just around the corner. Our many years in denial will make it all the harder because we are not prepared.

Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution we have journeyed on a path of stupidity and futility, based on the belief that we can forever use our capital assets, the earth itself, as a form of income.

It is clear too that government, so entrenched in its own anus, will be the last to see this, as their entire reason for existence is built around servicing ‘the economy’, the monstrous lie, the massive elephant in the room that we ignore at our peril.

So if the embodied blindness of our leaders is just about to drop us all in it, what’s to do?

As individuals we will need to secure our access to food, shelter, warmth – the basics of survival – enough of a challenge in itself.

Those of us who see the tsunami on the way are already attempting to rebuild ‘community’ in such a way as to support each other also, many under the guise of ‘Transition’. This is usually without any recognition by the local forces of Government who still exist to service the machine rather than its people.

Oppressive new laws which limit our choices to live, eat and adapt to new situations as we might choose have an unexpected side effect; they encourage mutuality. As governments increasingly seek to impose their will on people and turn them into fodder for a dying system – there is more to be gained in mutuality, working for and with each other – than for ‘the system’.

So if you are working all the hours you have to pay childcare costs, or if you are in energy poverty because it is so expensive to buy fuel, of you can’t afford to buy food – look around for people in the same situation – there are mutual solutions to these problems that take you outside of reliance on a system that is essentially broken beyond repair.

I say good riddance to a system that rapes and pollutes the very earth we stand on, the air we breathe and the water we drink. I say goodbye to the myth that slavery ended hundreds of years ago when in fact the ‘economy’ makes slaves of us all.

simonthescribe writes and publishes articles, books and websites themed around living a sustainable life in tune with nature.

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