What is tantric sex?

Long gone are the days when a mention of ‘tantric sex’ aroused slightly smutty smiles and mentions of Sting and Trudy keeping it up all night. Tantra is breaking out all over with a proliferation of courses available from ever-growing sources.

Tantra is regarded as a serious spiritual practice, which, unlike most major global religions, integrates rather than denies human sexuality, pleasure and fun. Shakti Tantra was one of the earliest tantra schools in the UK and its teachers have amassed a great wealth of experience regarding the teachings of tantra and tantric sex.

Tantric sex doesn’t necessarily have much to do with acts of penetrative sex – it can be as simple as sharing and enjoying a meal, going for a walk or just enjoying how each other look. One thing that separates tantric sex from ‘ordinary’ sex is the quality of attention that is brought to it. Although I have heard someone describe tantra as ‘The McDonalds of Enlightenment’ don’t be fooled into thinking that a journey into tantric sex is just a superficial thrill. The practice of Tantra is older, and deeper, than most world religions. Even a dip into Osho’s ‘Book of Secrets’ will give you months of ‘food for thought’. Your first tantra course is something to be very excited about.

In tantric sex the practice of interaction between partners (at many levels) is rendered sacred by the reverence and attention given to it. The practices honour the body as a divine temple. Tantric sex honours ‘the other’ as a gateway to God. It is a devotional act, combining sexuality and spirituality. When sexuality is combined with the heart and the whole conscious attention, new worlds come into play and transcendence becomes a possibility for each partner. Even enjoying sexual activity alone can be enhanced by tantric practises. Compared to the repressions promoted by standard religions, practising tantra is like growing wings.

The proliferation of courses has led to a lot of people experiencing and enjoying tantra – even to the extent that there are now Tantra specific dating agencies who can hook you up with another Tantrika. After all, once you have experienced the enhanced connections of Tantric sex and other meditations, mere mortal sex pales into insignificance. As Boy George said: “I’d rather have a cup of tea”.

Take a look around the Shakti Tantra website and find a course that suits your level. Read what people are saying and know that signing up for one of our courses is something you will never regret.

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