What is this site about?

As far as I can, I have opted out of a system – ‘the machine’ – a leviathan that trundles us all towards slavery, environmental degradation and social breakdown. I will simply not be a part of it. I do not accept the mainstream propoganda narrative about the place of humans on this earth. The spiritual, financial, corporate and political dimensions of the mainstream narrative we are ‘fed’, (if we choose to accept it) are beyond a joke. Through my experiences, I have had to come to the following conclusions:

  • money is a scam that creates debt and leads to slavery
  • the mass media and academia are deception and propaganda machines that serve the interests of money
  • war and militarisation serve money and are an investment opportunity for bankers and taxpayers
  • paying tax and using banks makes you an investor by default in war, environmental degradation, destruction of indigenous peoples and everything else unsavoury that money serves
  • western medicine serves money rather than health, seeks customers rather than cures
  • scientific endeavor is funded by and works for the forces of fiscal materialism
  • our air, water, food and immunisation processes are full of toxic chemicals
  • democracy has been sold to the interests of industrial capitalism and just remains as shadow power structures
  • the environment is being systematically harvested for profit resulting in untold damage

Just ‘opting out’ of what is happening though, is not enough. If you believe as I do that the machine is in fact un-reformable and its actions are in opposition to the interests of ‘life’, then it has to be opposed. Whoever you vote for, the ‘govenment’ gets in and they serve a system committed to perpetual earth rape.  The system has to be helped towards a tipping point where it is no longer viable and collapses under its own weight.

And this is where you come in:

  • you are starting to realize that our ‘economy’ is shot and you want to think about alternatives
  • you want to find ways to become more self-sufficient, live more cheaply and not have to work so hard
  • you want to develop more wholesome ways of living that do not damage the earth
  • you want to have fun, laugh and feel free under the stars
  • you want to revolt and express your dis-ease at the system without being a terrorist
  • You want ways you can organize and economize your communities and societies so that everyone benefits
  • You think human and animal families deserve fair shares and justice
  • You want a life that connects you to deeper truths of your spiritual nature
  • You seek the values of life such as connection, community, compassion and creativity
  • You find self-worth in love, honour, truth, authenticity and giving back to those around you
  • You are compelled to think and act beyond your own personal bubble

So in order to help you do this – here are my articles, books and other media on these subjects:

  • ways to supplement your diet with free and often delicious food from the wild
  • how to grow and make delicious food even in the smallest of settings
  • using common foodstuffs to promote your health and avoid buying often harmful drugs from the pharmaceutical industries
  • saving energy and even harvesting your own for specific outputs
  • subtle ways to subvert and undermine the system
  • making and mending things you might need rather than buying new
  • recycling waste into useful and life-enhancing objects
  • energy, time, resources and creativity as forms of capital
  • using ‘free’ or cheap or found materials to make useful objects
  • deep-green strands of eco-philosophy
  • clean ways of having fun and enjoying yourself
  • reconnecting with nature

simonthescribe writes and publishes articles, books and websites themed around living a sustainable life in tune with nature.